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Posted: 10/13/2016 in Uncategorized


We are starting a new series at Westwoods this weekend called ELEMENTS.  We are taking a close look at what we desire to be as a church with the understanding that it will never be true for us as a church unless these things are true for us as individuals.

SO – I have been taking time reading through old journals and thought I would share this entry from April of 1999:


When I think of [starting a church] my heart races…  To risk all for the Kingdom…

To think about a Kingdom venture with the greatest friends of my life really is unthinkable – to cultivate a greenhouse of community there Acts 2:42-47 was and is lived out really is awesome to consider.  A church on mission – what a novel thought.

Many issues w/ fear and uncertainty…

“History belongs to those who pray – to those who believe and pray the future into being!” Dad, I want you to create a church – a Kingdom building church – a church that does significant damage to the work of the enemy – a church where you are honored, where community, true community, exists among the leaders, where young leaders are drawn and nurtured and developed – where people feel ownership and empowered – where decisions are based on values – not on survival, comfort, ease or convenience. A place where even those who consider themselves outsiders are honored, loved and cared for – a place they can belong, a place where everyone can come together and change the world, putting hands in the middle to fulfill the mission that Jesus gave us as a church…

Man, has God come through…

There will be a time when the story of Gods work here is told and that story will start with this, “There once was a group of people who really believed they were loved by God and that love led them to Follow Jesus tenaciously, and to love people irrationally…”

I am so grateful for you all who are on this journey with me and so thankful for so many others that will join us soon!






  1. Mary Ellen Cameron says:

    Amen to your thoughts and prayer! This is also my heart’s desire and it thrills me to see it in action at Westwooods!

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