Can the declining number of people calling themselves Christian actually be a good thing?

Posted: 05/14/2015 in Uncategorized

A Pew Research study came out this week indicating there is a rise in those who call themselves “nones” – those who claim no religious affiliation and a general decline in those calling themselves Christians.

The study states:

“the number of religiously unaffiliated adults has increased by roughly 19 million since 2007. There are now approximately 56 million religiously unaffiliated adults in the U.S., and this group – sometimes called religious “nones” – is more numerous than either Catholics or mainline Protestants, according to the new survey.” – Click here or on the link below for the survey and article from Pew 

And, as you would expect, this has caused quite an uproar.  The tribe calling itself Christian are up in arms and really, really worried.

Frankly, I find it refreshing.

I find it refreshing because I don’t believe that we are seeing a seismic shift in what people believe. I believe we are seeing a dramatic increase of people who are finally admitting what they really believe.

Maybe for the first time they are being honest with us.

Maybe for the first time they are being honest with themselves.

I find it refreshing because I think Jesus in us is more that up to the challenge.

I don’t believe that people are really saying no to Jesus. I think they are just not considering Him at all.

I don’t work in a carnival.  It’s not because I have made some sort of strong determination that the carnival life is not for me or because I’m scared of clowns or because I believe carnies smell like cabbage!  I simply have never considered working in a carnival (until now I guess).

More and more I am finding that people have not said no to Jesus – they simply have never seriously considered Him.

I find it refreshing because I think we have this amazing opportunity.

We have this opportunity to display truth on a blank canvas like we haven’t seen.

To tell the truth about Jesus – to display with our lives and words the relevance and character and good news of Jesus to people who are no longer hiding behind religion, people who are no longer saying they believe one thing and truly believing another.

I think Jesus in me is up to the challenge.

I think Jesus in you is up to the challenge.

Our challenge to live full speed – pressing into Jesus.

Our challenge is to live out this crazy upside-down life where we love the unlovely and serve those who can offer nothing in return, to find and bring joy into dark places and to BE refreshing fountains of hope into our post-Christian worlds.  Hope Bringers to worlds of people that have given up on religion because in it they have seen so little of Jesus there.

Our challenge is to simply, without fear and without agenda, follow Jesus fully.  To say yes to His call to really live like He lived, to really serve how He served, and to really love like He loved.

What if we all spend the rest of our lives doing that?

I could be wrong but that’s what I am taking from this study.

That’s what God is challenging me with – what I am praying for.

What to join me?

Here is a link to the entire study – there are so many things to consider…



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