Racism isn’t just out there, it’s in here…

Posted: 01/20/2015 in Uncategorized

I want to expand on my comments from Sunday on Racism in our country and in US…


Racism is not just a problem in certain parts of the country; it is a problem that exists at some level in all of our hearts.  The good news is, when we begin to recognize that, when it isn’t just out there but it’s in here, WE can do something about it

 Ok, so what can we do?

We can love our neighbors.

Love is meeting needs by paying a personal cost.

Our neighbors include all the people we rub elbows with.

Loving our neighbors, all of our neighbors, not just those who look like us, not just the ones we are comfortable with, is a good place to start…

We can see people for what they really are

Men and women – ALL men and women are made in the image of God.

When we look down on them, we are looking down on Him.

We can break the chains of materialism

Sounds weird I know – but institutionalized racism began as an economic engine in the form of slavery and the truth is – as hard as it is to admit it – that racism exists at some level in us so we can have an excuse to climb over other people economically. When we begin to break the chains of materialism in our lives and “stuff” becomes less important you will find that people become more important

We can rebel against our work-based culture

When we ask someone about themselves one of the first things they will tell us is where they work. We live in this culture that says that we are what we do, thus we are defined in categories of economic importance and not seen as inherently valuable

We can focus on ALL injustice

Injustice is the root that racism grows from. We cannot just be outraged when “one of ours” gets hurt or killed by “one of theirs”. We have to be outraged at all injustice, wherever we see it, whatever color it is or tribe it represents. We should stand up to injustice in all its forms, in all its locations, and in all its guises. We should meet it personally; head on- with outrage and action.

We can watch our language

The daily vocabulary of our lives tends to place us in the center and others on the fringes. Let’s be careful not to label people. With the best intentions, we say we need to serve “the least”, “the fringes”, “the bottom” we are placing ourselves as the most, the center and the top.

We can pray

When we pray, God shows up and when God shows up, everything changes! Only the presence and power of God can move us past hurt and pain and fear and suspicion in ways that are not humanly possible.

Only when we admit to being part of the problem do we have power to change anything – so let’s do that.

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